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    How to harness fault detection and judgment?


    (1) the wire harness burn out fault detection and judgment

    The wire harness is burned, sudden, and burning speed is very quick, burned outline, generally no insurance device. Wire harness burning rule is: in the circuit of the power supply system, which point grounding, wiring harness it to where,junctional its burned and intact site, can be considered the wire bonding; if the wiring harness out to some parts of electrical equipment, indicates that theelectrical equipment fault.


    (2) line between the short circuit, open circuit, poor contact fault detection andjudgment

    - wire beam subjected to external extrusion, impact, cause the wire harness wireinsulation damage, resulting in short circuit between the wires, so that some of the electrical equipment control, fuse.

    Judgment, wire harness connector can be opened at both ends of electrical equipment and control switch, short-circuit point light detection circuit meter or test.


    - wire circuit fault, in addition to the fracture phenomenon obviously, common faultsoccur between the wire and the wire terminal. Some wire circuit, external insulationlayer and the wire terminal intact, but the conductor core wire and wire terminalcircuit. Judgment, to doubt break conductor and conductor terminal pull test, thetensile testing process, such as a layer of tapered wire insulation, can identify thewire has circuit breaker.


    Bad contact lines, the fault occurred in the connector. When the fault appears, will cause the electrical equipment can not work normally. Judgment, power on theelectrical equipment, touch or pull the connector of the electrical equipment, whentouching a connector, the electrical equipment and the normal work, but not normal,indicates that the connector is faulty.



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